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Healing the Gerson Way

October 17, 2011


I wonder what it might feel like to have all the vitamins and minerals I’m supposed to have inside my body, there all the time. What if I had a nutritiously sound mind and body? Would it make me think differently? Would that make me feel differently? Would I feel better? More active and energetic? […]

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Sickle cell and the best day ever!

June 1, 2011


At 5:00 am I woke up naturally. No alarm clock needed. It was the 23rd of May and all was right with the world. I knew because before I opened my eyes, I took an assessment of my body and there was no pain or even the slightest discomfort. So, I start to question my […]

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Emergency departments response to Sickle cell patients

May 7, 2011


Clinician attitudes toward patients are associated with variability in the quality of heath care…Negative attitudes toward adults with sickle cell disease have beenĀ identifiedĀ as an important barrier to the receipt of appropriate pain management for this patient population. Carlton Haywood, Jr PhD et al. A video-intervention to improve clinician attitudes toward patients with sickle cell disease: […]

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Pain and Meditation

May 1, 2011


Is it the art of meditation, the science of meditation or the practice of meditation? I guess it depends on how you look at it. If you’ve mastered it, you might call it an art –As in, I’ve mastered the art of meditation therefore, I can clear my mind of all the clutter and de-stress […]

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Alcohol may be beneficial for Sickle cell patients

April 1, 2011

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Dr. James Levenson, MD is conducting a study called the Piscies Project. In the study he talks about alcohol use in sickle cell patients. He found that among those in the study, 30% abused alcohol but, and here’s the kicker, they had no more pain episodes than those not abusing alcohol. The 30% were no […]

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Sudden death in sickle cell patients

March 15, 2011

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This just in….Another student athlete has died. Robert Garza, 16, died during an AAU basketball game Saturday in South Texas. A while back sports officials wanted to make testing for sickle cell disease a requirement for football players due the deaths of the football players in Florida and Ohio. Players and parents were against it […]

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Blood Transfusions

February 24, 2011


Blood Sack The risk of iron over load with blood transfusions has been addressed with the oral medication Exjade (deferasirox). The problem with medication is it usually has side effects that cause you to need another medication. The only way to break the cycle and dependancy on these medications is to stop taking them. And, […]

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