Why you should never give up

July 7, 2011

sickle cell

The first time I went out almost killed me. But, the second time I went even farther.
I was sitting at my desk working for hours when I started getting tired. My eyes were weary from reading and staring at the computer screen. So, I decided I’d get up and ride my bike. I went to the garage, dusted off the spider webs and started off down my street. Less than a half mile away, I wanted to stop, turn around and come back home. I didn’t. I kept going and suddenly felt inspired.

My legs hurt, I sweat and I was tired. The route that I had mapped out was not going to happen today. So, I took a short cut and visited one of my favorite people on the way home. She was delighted to see me and I thanked heavens she was home and I could rest. Just kidding. I was delighted to see her also. I rested, we talked, and I was glad I was on my bike and couldn’t make it home.

Today I went out again. I felt good. I didn’t need to stop. As a matter of fact, I went even farther than I did before. My goal is to ride ten miles on my bike. And, if things keep going as well as they are, I will bike ten miles in no time.

Long term goals are most difficult when you can’t see the path ahead. Never give up though. If you don’t have a map, use your gut. We don’t rely on ourselves enough theses days. We have phones that help us remember names and numbers, maps the take us places, experts that tell us all we want to know. But I say, when you start out on a course alone and aren’t sure where you’ll end up, stay positive, use your gut and don’t give up. The first step is the hardest. Mistakes are likely, expect them and learn from them. There will be times when you want to give up but don’t, just stop, assess the situation and go farther. 

Each try gets you closer to your goal. Failure to some is defeating but to me, it’s the reason I should keep trying. Ten miles is my goal, but if I keep riding, I may ride farther than I had ever imagined. That would be great! Your goal may be to start a business or write a book. I say do a little of it every day. Write a few words daily. Work your business and practice your craft daily. Or at least make a weekly appointment with it. You will be in business before you know it or that book would be closer to getting published. Life is like that. When you focus on the deed, things have a way of just working out. Good luck to you.

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6 Comments on “Why you should never give up”

  1. SomerEmpress Says:

    Yes! Self-reliance! Trusting your instinct is a highly under-utilized instinct these days! I call it the gift within. Oftentimes, we have what we need inside of us to move us forward, but we must first be attuned. Thanks for the reminder!

    Keep at your goals! You’re already well on your way!


  2. Martin Says:

    Hello everyone my name is Martin and I live in the Orlando Fla area and just found out i’m a sickel cell hero which means i’m in the less than 7 % of billions of people in this world whose blood is just about the next best thing for a cure ( bedsides bone marrow transplant)! I will be giving blood in august 2 times a month starting in august (I forgot what type of procedure it is!). I will try to help as many people as i can so Hold on some help has arrived!

    God bless, stay strong and drink lots of water!


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