Sickle cell fact sheet for student athletes

May 24, 2011

sickle cell

It’s important to know if your student athlete has sickle cell trait and it’s even more important the staff at your child’s school knows what to look for and how to react in case of emergency.

Please take a look at this sickle cell fact sheet and print it out to share with your child’s athletic director and coach.
Student athlete fact sheet

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4 Comments on “Sickle cell fact sheet for student athletes”

  1. Bradc Says:

    That is pretty deep! All Three of my kids have the trait, and my oldest plays basketball and track. never thought to mention it to her school for medical purposes. I figured its not the disease so I just have to make sure they know for their kids sake. Thats why rena’s so smart.


    • Rena Says:

      You’re not alone, most parents with children with sickle cell trait think the same way. Unfortunately, that’s why some student athletes go untested for the heart defect. I’m glad I could help. Please make sure to get her tested.



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