12 Reasons to support sickle cell research and advocacy

May 16, 2011

sickle cell

12 Reasons to support sickle cell research & advocacy

12. According to the Centers for Disease Control there are over 70,000 people living with sickle cell in the US
11. Three times as many people are affected by it. Each time a parent has to leave work to care for a child, everyone at his or her job is affected.
10. Organs shut down or lose capacity due to the lack of free blood flow and oxygen
9. Adults with sickle cell lose their jobs and tend to isolate themselves
8.To increase awareness and knowledge about the disease
7. Sickle cell disease research is under-funded
6. Sickled cells cause severe pain
5. There is no completely safe cure for sickle cell disease
4. Sickle cell is a genetic disorder passed down from both parents
3. Sickle cell disease was discovered 100 years ago
2. Sickle cell patients have a 40 year life expectancy
1. It’s time

There are so many reasons to eradicate this disease –watching a child scream in pain, hearing an adult scream in pain, hearing about a 21-year-old who has lost the battle with sickle cell, speaking with a grieving mother who has lost a child to sickle cell … and the list goes on. If everyone donated $1 a week, less than the cost of a cup of coffee, we could change the outcome for some many patients.

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