Sex can take the pain away

April 20, 2011

sickle cell

Relieves Pain

If you enjoy sex but are experiencing some kind of pain, find excuses to have more sex. Sex takes your mind off your troubles. It’s not motrin or morphine but its certainly more fun. Let me clarify, there’s nothing fun about sickle cell pain or any kind of pain for that matter, but who wouldn’t welcome a pleasurable distraction?

WedMD’s 10 reasons to have more sex:

1. Sex relieves stess

2. Sex boosts immunity

3. Sex burns calories

4. Sex improves cardiovascular health

…..7. Sex reduces pain. To see the complete list visit

There are many health benefits to having sex. 🙂 But, for the sickle cell patient, sex can serve as a distraction from pain. And, it is shown to boost a weakened immune system,  can sex really take your mind off sickle

Get busy!

cell pain? It may not take your mind off of it completely but it is a pleasant distraction. Can sex block sickle cell pain? Well, if a pain episode is coming, it’s coming. But if you feel an episode coming and can catch it in time, have a glass of wine and  corner your partner. According to sex can reduce pain and maybe even prevent it. So, to me, preventing pain or reducing the number of pain episodes is better than any medicine that can treat it.

Most of us don’t need WebMD to tell us to have more sex, but if you need convincing, see the complete list.

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One Comment on “Sex can take the pain away”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Great Post! I’m going to use this article as backup the next time she says, “I have a headache. That’s no longer a good excuse. 🙂



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