Eat anyway….

April 18, 2011

sickle cell

Eat Anyway!

How, what and when we eat is effected by our mood, stress level, time available to eat and how easy the meal is to prepare. At certain times of each month we eat more. Sometimes our belly feels like a bottomless pit. We can’t seem to get enough to eat in all varieties. We settle for junk food in the form of potato chips, soda and chocolate bars. But we also enjoy fruits and vegetables in all varieties. Nothing in the kitchen is safe. But not long after emerging from our binge of eating everything in sight, we sometimes go through periods of not having any appetite at all. We, at those times, have to remind ourselves to eat. During these times, we wait for cues from our bodies, that just don’t come. As a result, we skip meals and forget to eat at all. We then, because know we haven’t eaten, over indulge and pile our plates with more than we should have in one sitting. So, even when you don’t feel like eating, eat anyway to avoid over eating. Sickle cell patients should be especially careful during these times because when we are not eating much, we are probably not drinking much either. We have to stay hydrated.

How can we better regulate our eating habits? Can we really train ourselves to eat when we don’t really want to? And, can we re-train our bodies to stop eating when we’ve ingested the proper amount? I believe we tell our bodies what is the proper amount. Dr. Oz says we should only put amounts that are the size of our fists on our plates. That will take some getting used to because most of us are used to eating until our stomachs are over stuffed and won’t allow another bite in. By that time, we’re uncomfortable and barely able to move, but we’re happy. Prior to now, feeling this way told us to stop eating because we’d eaten enough and the food was good.

Recently, I had a conversation with my step-mother about eating. On this day I had forgotten to eat and she had eaten more than she was willing to admit to herself or anyone else. This doesn’t happen all the time and she shouldn’t be ashamed of herself when it does happen. I told her, “Dr. Oz, and other health care exerts say we should eat about every two hours.” She

Snack Throughout the day!

quickly told me that she didn’t want to eat that often. That she should probably be eating less often, ‘not’ more often. I told her planning meals and snacks to consume every two hours is a job and requires commitment and a lot of discipline. Its more about what you eat. I said, ” planning to eat more often will get you to think about food in a different way.” Personally, I don’t really like eating, I do it because I have to eat to live. It seems like eating is a disruption. It comes at a time when I feel like I could be doing something else. I know that sounds crazy but what it really means is, I won’t eat anything that doesn’t enhance the experience for me. In other words, if it doesn’t taste good, I won’t eat it. Eating should be fun and the taste enjoyable.

Training yourself to eat right and eat more often is like training yourself to do a new job. It has to become a habit and a real life style change. If you’re getting paid to do it, you will find a way right? So, while eating will not get you a monetary reward, it will make you feel better, help you lose weight and have more energy. Who doesn’t want that? The trick is to include a wide variety of foods and snacks throughout the day that are easy to consume, easy to prepare and delicious to eat. Finding recipes for meals and snacks on the internet has become too easy. Everyone wants to share what has worked for them. So, no more excuses. There are vegetarian sites, vegan sites, good mood foods, comfort food sites and almost every ethnic group recipe that you could think of. Eat More Not Less!!! Happy Eating!!

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2 Comments on “Eat anyway….”

  1. SomerEmpress Says:

    Hey Rena! This is good advice, indeed! We could all use a reminder. I’ve been eating much better lately (though I gave myself permission to indulge just a bit this past weekend), and I feel awesome! I sometimes boil a few eggs in the morning, just so I can have a high-protein snack around when I need it. I hate waiting until I’m hungry to consider what I should eat! By that time, I’ve reached a point of no return. So plan, you must! 🙂


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