Madi’s latest transfusion

March 28, 2011

sickle cell

I decided to record and share with you one of Madison’s doctors visits so that you can see what her day is like. It was a good visit overall. We were prepared for the appointment in terms of doing what was expected of us. The teachers at her school helped me make sure she was was hydrated by making sure she drank her water. And, she was well rested. Her veins were plump and juicy and ripe for the poking. Still, she got double the amount of pokes she should have gotten. I realize it’s harder on me than it is on her. I hate to watch her go through this. I just want the nurses to find the right vein the first time and stick her with the needle only once. In light of everything that’s going on, I want to minimize or eliminate as much discomfort as possible.


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5 Comments on “Madi’s latest transfusion”

  1. Waldea Says:

    How can we watch the video, it says it’s private!


  2. Sands Vivian - Says:

    Have a great day…thanks Madi. My heart aches for Madi but she sure is a trooper. I know grown men who could not be so calm and relaxed and as confident as she was on this tape. I pray she feels better and is doing well with her treatment today. And to her mommy…what a blessing you are to be her mom! You are amazing.


  3. Waldea Says:

    Madi is an angel, there is no explanation to this. Nobody can react so peacefully in her situation.
    Not to mention her mom… she has to endure all of this with her baby.
    They both are the most resilient people that I ever met.
    I’ll always pray for you Madi.


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