Blog getting too technical?!?!

March 11, 2011

sickle cell


I want to make this blog both entertaining and informative. But, I also want my readers to feel comfortable enough to respond with comments ON THE BLOG, not just through direct emails and phone calls to me. If I have gotten too technical, it’s because I thought sharing certain information was necessary, beneficial and helpful for readers to understand.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. Feel free to suggest topics you’d like me to discuss. Or, be a guest writer on the blog, I would welcome that as well.

Don’t be shy, post your comments on the blog. When you do it privately and not publicly, it just feels like criticism. And I know that’s not what you mean.

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2 Comments on “Blog getting too technical?!?!”

  1. SJ Jones Says:

    I haven’t found the blog to be too technical at all. On the contrary, I get the most out of it when you include the technical stuff. The point of your blog is easy to understand, but I think that educating your readers is very helpful. To me the most useful information that you give are the details of the affect of sickle cell on the body. For example, I never knew that chronic pain was a part of it. I just thought that people would occasionally need medical attention and that in between hospital visits, that everything was fine, except for the continuous medicine.

    I also appreciate the technical details, but that could be because that’s the kind of person that I am – into technical details. In any case, I think you’re doing a great job of being Interesting, Informative, and Open. I’m learning a lot from your blog about Sickle Cell and about you. Keep it up.



    • Rena Says:

      Thanks Shannon! That means a lot to me. šŸ™‚ I expect this blog to go through several transformations before it’s all through.


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