Avascular Necrosis

March 10, 2011


Red Hot Hips

Blood deprivation to the bone eventually kills the bone tissue around it. This condition is typical for the sickle cell SC patient over 35. There’s nothing you can do to prevent it, but like everything else, there are treatments. Drugs of course help manage the pain and when that doesn’t work, there’s always hip replacement surgery.

Bone Damage

Lately, I have been experiencing hip pain more frequently and more severe. As a result, I have changed my routine. I take vitamins every day that contain vitamins, folic acid and iron. Running and walking longer than a mile hurts. I still run a little but, I have included riding my bike and going to a local spin club to my exercise regimen. I plan to also take up swimming. Swimming is a whole body workout that is the most beneficial. Still, it will mess up my hair. Honestly, that’s what I hate—-messing up my hair. I’m sure you can understand that. But, my health is worth it.

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One Comment on “Avascular Necrosis”

  1. memoirsofamadonna Says:

    You wrote about a worry of being too technical in another blog…. As I read this post, I can see that you are knowledgeable and yes a bit technical, but it shows you have spirit. Although you sound like a brave and tough fighter for what you are dealing with, I still sense the feminineness… Everyone understands messing up their hair!
    You’re health is worth it….
    Thanks for visiting my own blog…. I wish you the best…


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