March 9, 2011


Low blood

When this kind of tired sets in, there’s no amount of coffee, no brand of coffee and no concentration of coffee, espresso, latte or cappuccino to help you. Mountain dew can’t rescue you and five-hour energy can’t even give you five minutes. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just annoying when you have things you need to do. I haven’t tried it, but this site promises this beat soup recipe can help.

This happens to me usually right after my cycle every month for about three days. Few things are more frustrating. I can’t do anything that requires much thought. My brain doesn’t work because I can’t focus because I’m too tired. When I work I have to write everything down and make lists of the things to do because I forget things.

However, Madison doesn’t seem to experience this. After her blood transfusion, the nurses and I expect her to crash and fall asleep like the rest of the kids in the transfusion room. Nope, not Madi, she’s too nosey. She wants to see what’s going on with everyone in the transfusion room. She’s funny to watch. She’s watches everyone else and comforts the little ones. She’s the little momma in the room and does a good job too. Some of little ones look forward to seeing her. She comforts them while they take the needle in the arm for the transfusion. She’s awesome, a real trooper.

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2 Comments on “Anemia”

  1. SJ Jones Says:

    It all sounds so obvious, but it’s so helpful to hear it. I don’t know why this is, except for the fact that I’m used to seeing you with such a positive demeanor. I do see you tired at times, but for whatever reason, I don’t usually make the connection. I promise to be more in-tune from now o.

    — The “little momma in the room”. I love that!



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