“When I’m in pain, I need you to be strong!”

March 8, 2011


I like to surf the bloggosphere looking for other people talking about sickle cell. I’ve found some great sites and video blogs. The reason I do this is because I know it’s hard to understand the impact sickle cell has on lives unless you have first hand knowledge i.e. a friend or family member suffering from the disease. So, when I find someone who makes a good explanation or shows a good characterization, I get excited. I really need you to understand and empathize the same way we do with any other cancer. Please watch this!! I think she’s brave.

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2 Comments on ““When I’m in pain, I need you to be strong!””

  1. SJ Jones Says:

    You’re doing a great job of pulling in informative videos and links to help us readers understand the impact of sickle cell. To hear something like this from someone with it really helps us gain a perspective that most of us don’t have. I really appreciate the video and how direct she is when describing what she needs in times of pain.



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