A lifetime of pain and organ failure

February 23, 2011


Mom is obviously feeling helpless

When there’s nothing you can do to soothe a child screaming in pain, your heart aches and you feel powerless. Imagine your childs hand looking like this. He’s in pain. Mom feels helpless. She knows exactly where it hurts, but no amount of kisses can make it better. What should you do? She cries because he cries. She hurts because he hurts.

Beginning at age one, children born with sickle cell disease are prone to  experience pain, fever, infection and sometimes organ failure more often than children born without the disease. They come out of the womb fighting —fighting pain, hopelessness, social isolation and just to feel normal.

I call these children sickle cell warriors. In a few short years, they go through more than many of us will go through in a life time. They show us strength when we are weak. They teach us how to keep peace in mist of the storm —how to accept the things we cannot change and when to change the things that must be changed. From Madison, I have learned that nothing is impossible. We can help find a cure that is readily available to all sickle cell patients.

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One Comment on “A lifetime of pain and organ failure”

  1. Tracie Says:

    Wow I never knew that sickle cell affected people this way. Hear people talk about it briefly in middle school and then it went away. I guess most parents don’t bother once their child is not affected by it. It is great that you are bringing more awareness to the community about this disease. This is definitely something that will be discussed up front when dating now. To not do it, is selfish. I would not want another child in pain due to lack of awareness. I will continue to support you Rena to help raise money for this cause.


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