What it feels like

February 20, 2011



There was pain in my hips, stomach, and back. I’ve had pain before and generally an over the counter pain medication would help. But this time, nothing helped. My prescription motrin 800 was ineffective. I was scared, in pain and alone at home. After that, I couldn’t keep anything down. Water came out as quickly as it went in. So, dehydration became a problem.

Before this, I thought I could manage the pain pretty easily at home. I always try to avoid an emergency room visit. Never again. I could barely walk and no sitting or lying position was comfortable. I prayed that God would just take me.

A fellow sickle cell disease patient described the pain this way; He said, “Ever hit your thumb with a hammer? It feels like that initial shock of pain you feel when you hit your thumb with a hammer. It’s that instant of pain —prolonged.” Its horrible and scary because you don’t know if you can live through it and you don’t know how long it will last.

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2 Comments on “What it feels like”

  1. Larissa L. Barnes Says:

    As a young girl, I suffered terrible pain at the onset of rainy weather. My bones would ache something awful. I remember many trips to the emergency room and many X-rays being taken and finally being released without anything much, medically, being done to alleviate my pain. They never could find the source of the pain! It was worse than I am able to now portray, but to make a long story short, during one the “emergency” visits we were told that I suffered from sickle cell anemia and that it was a basically a “black thing” and there was nothing to be done for the bone-aching pain.

    I am now a grown woman and I have not suffered from that pain since those childhood days. The pain just went away–just like it came–suddenly. I still have sickle cell anemia..I just don’t suffer from it any longer. I know that it is important to give blood, and I have done it…I am on that registry, but how to convince others is the “big ?” I know that our community does not give blood–we are not too trusting of these “situations” and not knowledgeable enough we feel, to be comfortable doing it. I understand our apprehension and fear. If I were you, I would say and send the message concerning sickle cell anemia until people started to ask, “what are you talking on and on about-what is this thing??” Sometimes people get busy and need reminding. Over and over again!


    • Rena Says:

      Thank you Larissa. That’s the weird thing about sickle cell. Some people are constantly sick and others rarely suffer at all. I’m glad you’re ok and I plan to be persistent, to keep reminding and to keep fostering trust. Thank you for your encouragement I really appreciate it.


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