If I had a reality show….

February 10, 2011


If I had a reality show, I’d follow an adult sickle cell disease patient around. The reality is, living with sickle cell disease is very difficult. It can take away your independence and your ability to live a full productive life. Numerous hospital stays sometimes cost these patients their jobs. Being unable to care for themselves because they’re in pain costs these patients their dignity. Trying to explain to doctors in the emergency room how to treat their condition requires time and delays treatment. Because of that, I’d try to give viewers the most realistic view of what it’s like to live with this painful debilitating disease. Often, people think if you look healthy on the outside, you must be ok inside. But, A day in the life of one or two patients will change your perspective.

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2 Comments on “If I had a reality show….”

  1. Tracie Says:

    Actually this is not a bad idea. We watch other reality shows that show how black women date football and basketball players , with hopes they can marry them.


  2. Donnell Says:

    I have sickle cell and i think its a good idea 😉


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