Do you want to live forever?

February 8, 2011


Do you want to live forever? I do. I’d like to see how the world changes, what technology does to help us, what discoveries are made and what diseases are cured.

I imagine living to see slaves freed or surviving the holocaust is an extraordinary experience most of us can’t even imagine. I realized this after talking to the girls after their school trip to the Holocaust Museum last week. They didn’t understand the magnitude of what the holocaust survivor was trying to tell them. They told me many of her classmates fell asleep while he talked. Imagine if they had witnessed it or read it in the news papers while it was happening. Their perspective would be different. They would be more invested. They would better understand the importance of freedom and equality. They might be better equipped to challenge hate and encourage acceptance. Had they seen these events, they could better know the difference between exercising free speech and fear mongering. The girls don’t have a perfect life, but it’s a lot better than it would have been back then. They don’t understand that.

The idea of living forever reminds me of the book, Looking Backward, written by Edward Bellamy in 1888. In the book, he predicts what the year 2000 would look like. It was eerily accurate. He talked about credit cards and ipods in a time when the thought of a music machine or music seemed too far fetched. And, a credit card to pay for what you needed seemed impractical. He described a totally harmonious way of living in a socialist society. Back then, I’m sure it was seen as a utopian dream that was highly unlikely but nice to consider. Still, is was a best seller and is still a great read today.

I’d like to live forever to see what changes we make as a society. Right now, sickle cell disease does not get the funding for research that other blood cancers get. Many of us who are affected by it, believe we don’t get funding because sickle cell is considered an African-American disease. If that is the case, isn’t the African-American worth saving too? Wouldn’t this disease deserve eradication even if it killed even one person? Why has it been labeled to begin with? Aren’t we all equal?

Living forever would give me an opportunity to witness the next level of consciousness.

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