Is it always better to know the truth even when it hurts?

January 24, 2011


Sometimes ignorance is bliss. For example, if we’ve become friends on the premise that you don’t “Like” me and I don’t “Like” you, don’t cheat me by telling me, “I’ve been crushing on you this whole time.” That’s a violation and I’d rather not know that. Because, chances are I’ve confided in you, trusted you and let you in on some things I normally would not. If you betray that, I would have a hard time forgiving you. We could never be friends in the same way again.

On the other hand, if the truth will affect the decisions I make about choices I have, please tell me. Don’t withhold the truth, i.e. lie, because you don’t want to hurt my feelings or it benefits you some how if I don’t know the real truth. In regards to the Madison Holland Foundation and this blog, I’d hope you’d be completely honest. Is my writing ok? Is there a typo I missed? How’s my tone? Do I inspire you or bore you to death? I want to get better at this, so please, tell me the truth.

Have a little faith in me. Trust me to do what I promise with the money you donate. Trust me to see this through. Trust me to be a voice and advocate for finding funds to increase sickle cell disease research. Visit the blog regularly –contribute –show my readers that Madison has a loving, caring support team.

I’d rather know the truth here. If you’re thinking, “She’s nuts! Who does she think she is trying to do something like this?” Tell me and I will stop asking for your support. If you think my writing sucks, tell me that too. However, if you think sickle cell disease isn’t worth the trouble, don’t tell me, because I wouldn’t want to hear that. After all, what would you do if it were your child?


Keep in Touch!

Thanks for your support! It means the world to us.

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