What’s the most important thing you’re putting off? Why haven’t you done it?

January 20, 2011


I’ve put off buying a new sink and garbage disposal because I’ve found a way of working around it. You see, to avoid bad smells in the kitchen, I used to use the disposal a lot. But, now, since it doesn’t work, and the sink leaks, I take raw meat and left overs out to the garbage can right away. See…problem solved. Right?

Nope! A temporary fix to a small problem that will eventually lead to water damage to my beautiful hardwood floors. See what I mean? Small, relatively inexpensive fix, leading to a larger more expensive problem.  So, I’d better get that sink fixed. I really believe I’ve put it off because I don’t really want to deal with the issue of finding a good, reputable plumber. Maybe you can recommend one.

Anyway, my point is, why wait until sickle cell disease makes a personal appearance in your life to decide you should help find a cure for it? Try to imagine your child, niece or nephew screaming in pain looking at you to help them. Imagine feeling helpless because there’s nothing you can do. That’s how I feel watching Madison. There’s nothing I can do really. I hold her and massage her and do my best to comfort her but that’s it. That’s all I can do until we find a cure for this disease.

I need help though. I’m not so silly that I’d think I can do this alone. I’ve asked my family and friends for help, now I’m faced with approaching strangers. I’m open to suggestion. If you’ve ever begged, borrowed or suggested someone give you money and you think you’ve found one or two methods in particular worked best, please share it in your comments. Thank you.


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