There will be Angels!

January 15, 2011


Need Volunteers

Sickle cell disease is not easy. And, it’s not easy to convince people who aren’t affected by the disease to care about those who are. So, when he said those words, “There will be angels,” it made me feel like I was in church. I had this warm tingly feeling over my body. I wanted to say, “Hallelujah!” I felt those words so deeply and so strong because there has been angels. Anonymous donors and people who have approached me and said, “What can I do to help Rena?” or “How much money do you need?” They were there right when I needed them and they came through and followed through for me and my cause. Not so much because they believe that what I am trying to do can be done, but because they believe in me. They believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. People don’t give to causes. People give to people. They will give you money if they like you and they will give you time if they care about you and what you care about. –So I’ve heard anyway.

Angels don’t know they’re angels. They give out of the kindness of their hearts because of this unwavering compassion for those less fortunate. When I say less fortunate, I don’t mean in riches. I mean in life and in health. Being born healthy is a fortune and a blessing. People who give, don’t brag about giving. They don’t want to be known as ‘givers.’ This attitude hurts worth while causes because philanthropy can be contagious. So, I say, if you give, tell everyone about it. Say,”Hey friend, I just gave to this great cause and I encourage you to do the same.” I implore you to help your friends, family and colleagues catch the giving fever. Find a cause you believe in and START GIVING!

If you know what sickle cell disease is and you want support this cause please donate here. If you don’t know what sickle cell disease is and you want to get to know me so that you can donate to ‘me’ for this cause, join the mailing list on this blog, or follow me on twitter and facebook.

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Thanks for your support! It means the world to us.

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